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Why Nations Die – God’s Justice, Patience, & Wrath – USA Beware!

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The deadliest force in the world is not nature, not winds, not rains, not earthquakes. The dangerous force – most dangerous and deadly force is humans. They can plot evil. They can devise harm. They’re not like animals who kill because they’re designed to kill. That’s how the food chain works. Humans are designed to give life, but they are amazingly crafty at creating death.
Decadence is a good word to describe human history. Human history is a decline. The society of man has been on the decline ever since the Fall of Adam. Man has never ascended; he has descended progressively from the Fall.
Mankind, you see, started life in the image of God and when he sinned and that image was marred, the process of decline began, and man sinks lower and lower and lower and lower until finally, he will sink into the debauchery that is described in the book of Revelation as the time of the tribulation, and at the end of that debauchery Christ Himself will come and put an end to all of it.
That the Death of a Nation.
That’s Why Nations Die—God’s Justice, Patience & Wrath.
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