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Husband-Lovers – Choosing Self-Sacrificing Love in a Selfish World

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God launched His plan to train the women of Christ’s Church using the godly older women He was already at work inside, and allowing their Spirit-led walk as they grew day-by-day, to flow out into the lives of younger women. But the message that the Lord Himself asked these women to communicate must have sounded impossible.

Paul told them that the Lord asked every believing wife to decide and surrender to these twin concepts contained in the very first word of this list: that they were going to seek by the power of their Creator and Redeemer to rekindle, renew, and deepen the love-filled, respect-reflecting, best-friend-in-all-the-world relationship God called them to have with their husband; and that friendship-love would be their aim to live out until their husband felt their wife’s love.

In essence, Jesus Christ commissioned every woman to become a beacon of Christ’s love reflecting to an empty and hopeless world that true marital love is possible, and can be shared for as long as you live. As we look at the start of the longest list of character qualities sent from God to His Church, we find it is sent to the younger women. Older women in v. 3-4a had five qualities desired by the Lord; but younger women in v. 4b-5 have seven qualities He desires.

Wives who are their Husband’s Best Friend: And what was the priority? What was the first thing that the Holy Spirit chose to have taught to the young married women believers? They were to be summed up in the one word the Spirit inspired Paul to write: husband-lovers that can be described as love-filled, respect-reflecting, and the best-friend-in-all-the-world to their husband!

Yes, the first skill those who were small and sitting at their mom’s knee were to see was a husband-loving mom; and the lesson that those same girls heard reinforced as they sat under the teaching of the godly women of the Church was the responsibility and privilege of obeying God as a husband-lover.

Learning to be a Husband-lover: Can you imagine what a deep and lasting impact upon this local body of Christ’s church to have men coming home to a wife who is earnestly being taught how to love her own husband? Such love is a powerful testimony in a culture where women are being pressed into being worldly, self-seeking, independent, and do-their-own-thing women.

In the First century and in the 21st century, men often don’t know what God has told them to be in their role as men in the home and church; and women didn’t understand their gender-specific roles in the home and at church.

In the First century and in the 21st century, husbands often had never heard about servant leadership, and women had never had gracious, Spirit-energized submission modeled for them by their mothers or anyone else they knew.

So, despite lack of experience, lack of examples, and even lack of awareness that anyone else was even doing this, the women of Christ’s Church were all asked to start a process whereby they would learn how to:

Paul through the spirit of God in Titus 2:4 says, if you are married and want to give the best gift possible to your husband—give him not only your Spirit-prompted, sacrificial agape love that serves him and submits to him—give him also your emotional love that makes him become and stay your very best friend in all the world. Please pause with me to head the voice of God again as we stand to hear Titus 2:4 and pray.

Titus 2:4 that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children,

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