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How Did Solomon Ruin His Life – By Neglecting The Wisdom God Offered Him

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THE WISDOM OF GOD THAT SOLOMON NEGLECTED TO OBEY: GOD’S ROAD TO LIFELONG USEFULNESS was seeking out God’s Wisdom through His Word daily and surrendering to follow it.
Becoming King meant so much to get done: a palace to build, an army to raise and manage, a city to fortify, a nation to rule and defend, a family to protect and supply and a personal life to maintain.
In the middle of all that God placed this incredible task: make a personal copy of the 192 pages of the Pentateuch by hand and carry it around with you.
For just a moment, why not take your Bible and feel the pages that make up Genesis 1through Deuteronomy 34. Feel that thickness? Now think 3,000 years ago. How would you make a personal copy of that much material? No copy machines, office stores, or printers. Just oil lamps to see by; and to capture words it meant either chisels into rock or crude ink onto animal skins. Think of how hard it was to get your recording skin materials, gather the tools to make and apply ink with, and find a flat spot to write on an animal skin.
So, that was a HUGE request from God and meant that His Word was VERY important for Solomon as he started to rule. What do these verses show as what God sees as critical for any leader? There are truths here that go way beyond just a King of Israel. There are some eternal truths that can help shape a life that counts for eternity in these words that come directly from God. Note these truths. First, God warned those who wanted to be useful, that there were pitfalls, temptations, and distractions that lessen usefulness and erase rewards.