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How Do We Go From Slaves Of Sin To Slaves Of God?

Slaves Of God


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Bonnie & I are back on the road teaching NextGeneration students. Between classes today I sat in our hotel room and recorded a discipleship session as if I were talking to one of our students at Panera, having a Discipleship Session. This is one session that answers probably 50 questions about “Where do I start?” that we get from YT watchers, FB messages, and student questions. Praying the Lord will use this in your life.

Slaves Of God

Here are links to the 52 Greatest Chapters Bible Study Resources we are using:
1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use:
2. Grudem Systematic Theology:
3. The Larger Moleskin Notebook I use:
4. The Smaller Moleskin Notebook I use:
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