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Inspiration & The Powerful Word of Our Awesome God

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The Powerful Word



It’s not like the Historic Book are crude records of a barbaric horde of escaped slaves, filled with pillaging, conquest, and murder of innocent inhabitants of Canaan.
Every chapter and verse of the Historical & Prophetic Books is the truth from God, flawlessly capturing the arrival of the Jews from Egypt to the borders of the Promised Land.
The condition of the Canaanites and other inhabitants are the absolute most reliable record of what the Middle East looked like on the ground 3,500 years ago.
Plus what will characterize society from then, through now, to the end of human history? God sketches in great detail the nations and events that will shape history as it inexorably marches towards Armageddon, mankind’s second to the last global rebellion against God Himself.
From now to the end God has made an unbreakable promise with the Jews, that they are His chosen people and all of history revolves around His plan for them.
Every event happened just as it was written down, and all the people named are the perfect record of individuals and how they are seen by their response to obey or resist God Himself.
Thus, every promise, prediction, and prophecy will unfold just as God said it would. If you want to understand the culture we live in, the flow of History, the foundations of Psychology, and every part of past and future events in Prophecy: understand the Historical & Prophetic Books that God wrote.
The Powerful Word

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