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LUCIFER–WHAT DOES GOD WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE? What Does God Want us to See? God wants us to see how closely Satan’s activities are tied, to the events in this world. Listen again to the two elements that jump from those verses. First there is this person that falls like a star from Heaven, that gets a special key given to him; and second the key unlocks a place that is mentioned four times as a bottomless pit or abyss.
From looking at the rest of God’s Word we can conclude that this person is the archenemy of God, the Devil. The verse tells us that this is not a star in the sense of a thermonuclear solar furnace, rather it is a spiritual being (note that v. 1 say that “to him was given”, that means this is a person) of great power and authority. So we can safely conclude that this is:
The Supernatural Person called Satan
This powerful, supernatural person shows up all the way through the Book of Revelation. By the time we get to chapter 12 we find the most complete explanation of him that makes all the pieces fit. Turn there with me there, to Revelation 12:3-4a (NKJV), and follow along as I read what God says:
And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth.
In this verse we meet a dragon; then in the next verse (v. 4) this dragon draws a third of the angels under his control; then move on down to v. 7 and we see that there are two groups of angels Michael and the un-fallen angels of God vs. the Dragon and his fallen angels. Now look at v. 9, which becomes like a Rosetta Stone that connects together several of the pieces of the world of Satan and his angels. Satan, is the Devil, is the Dragon, is the Serpent, the Deceiver.
In Rev. 12:9 we see God connecting Genesis with Revelation, and everything in between. Here are the key points:
1. Satan is the Dragon (think of the book of Revelation); is also:
2. Satan is the Serpent of Old (think Eve in Garden of Eden); who is also:
3. Satan is the Devil (think wilderness temptation of Christ); who is also:
4. Satan is the Wicked one (think 1 John 5); who is also
5. Satan is the Accuser of the brethren (think of the book of Job scene); who is none other than:
6. Satan; who is the fallen and twisted version of the greatest of the angels named:
7. Lucifer.
Here, in one verse, God ties together the Cunning Serpent of the Garden that drew mankind into sin, with the Accuser of Job, with the Devil of Christ’s Temptation, with Satan the Adversary of all that God is doing. All of these various depictions of Lucifer (Isaiah 14, Ezk. 28), fallen to become Satan the Devil, are united here in this verse. Bottom line:
Satan is Dangerous
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