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Maundy Thursday-The Sacrifice of Love

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MARK 14:1-11


In April of 1992 Chicago was flooded. Two hundred fifty million gallons of water poured into a 60 mile maze of tunnels under central Chicago that week. The result? Nearly a billion dollars lost in goods, services, treasures in subterranean storage.

Listen to Jesus (Mt. 6:19) “Lay up for yourselves…nor rust corrupt”. How? Best portrait ever given comes at the eve of the cross, introduction to LS — “Mary and sacrifice of love”. Let me ask you what have you sacrificed for Christ that will last forever?

Open to Mk. 14:1-11 and see one of the most touching of the preparations for the Last Supper in the word of God.

Mary and the sacrifice of love:

It’s impossible to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ without serving others. It’s impossible to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ without sacrificing for Christ. Only a complete sacrifice is adequate as response from a life Christ has redeemed.

(v. 1-2) Ominous threats of religious community/leaders (v. 3A) Obvious portraits of gospel with sin (forgive) — Simon – of sin, decay, uncleanness, impurity service (worship) Mary — simple, pure devotion . John 11 love (sacrifice) of Christ — shadow of cross…still serving (3B) Outpouring of love of woman

Why remember?

Outward demonstration of an inward devotion outward shows inward — what is sacrifice for? What consumed for?

We need to know how to make a Permanent investment of a fragile, transient commodity. Nearly all that is dear to us — love, life, health, breath — all are fragile. This world is filled with lands of wars, earthquakes and disasters. In time precious things, heirlooms and all fragile things get “crushed”.

Focused outpouring on the ultimate target “press toward work” “these all died in faith, looked for way”

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“looking to Jesus”

What target, goal is you life pressing toward?

LS is declaration of intent of life being: in Christ first, seek 1st, this one thing

(4) Obdurate/contumacious (obstinate hearted) reaction of the disciples who had a price of everything, value nothing call in hand

Omniscient response — Savior

For this bread and cup to come to you. It took the ultimate sacrifice of Christ — what do you offer Him tonight? One-half a heart or all, one-half your focus or all, one-half your treasures or all? In 100 years what will remain of your life so far? Negotiable vs. Non-negotiable 10 million? 100? What’s the price?

Mary: a sacrifice of love, a living demonstration of the response God wants from a sinner touched by the Savior!

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