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Proverbs 31 & God’s Plans For You To Radiate Christ’s Love To A Dark & Hopeless World

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WELCOME! It is Week #19 of our 2021 year-long Bible Journey with each of you going from Cover to Cover in the Scriptures. Bonnie & I are hosting this small group online for all who want an in-depth overview of Sacred history, Contextual background, Sacred geography, Vital Bible chapters, Vital theological doctrines, the Key Attributes of God, and all the Mega-themes of the Bible.
This week we do an overview of Proverbs and then dive into God’s plan that we not be alone in life. He said it is not good to be alone but to have a help meet suitable for us. That is His wonderful plan for most believers throughout most of history. Not only is marriage blessed by God, but it is also part of His plan for reaching the world.
God designed marriage as one of the most public displays of His plan and purposes for the world to see.
We are to go out and live in a dark and hopeless world, chasing after elusive pleasures, and never finding lasting satisfaction: and RADIATE Christ.