REVELATION 17 The Doom of Babylon

The 17th chapter of Revelation describes the Doom of Babylon. This seems to be a symbol of world religion. The counterfeit church Satan founded at Eden and works on ceaselessly. His ultimate goals are a:

1. Worldwide Political Unity [ seven heads totality rule] Revelation 13:8,16,17 “all’ 2. Worldwide Financial/Business Unity Revelation 13:17 3. Worldwide Religious Unity • The Beast is worshipped Revelation 13:8,112; 14:9; 16:2. • The Beast is beloved Revelation 13:3 • The Beast is honored Revelation 13:8 • The Beast is confidently followed Revelation 13:4 • Hunt newsletter Dali, Cardinal quote In the Word of God only Jerusalem is mentioned more often than the city of Babylon. Although Babylon is used both figuratively and literally in the Bible, it most likely is used for the world system of religion [Satan’s Counterfeit Church of the Earth Dwellers, see v.8] here in Revelation 17.

True Church False Church True Bride False Bride Exclusive Ecumenical One Way Many Ways Heavenly Destination Earthly Destination Jerusalem Babylon City Of Peace City Of Confusion Spiritual. Fleshly Internal. External Creation Evolution Monotheism Polytheism Heaven Rules Astrological Spiritual Worship Idolatrous Divine Humanistic Contentment Covetousness Faith Intellectualism Spirit Religious Rituals

Satan’s church has always had the same elements permeating its beliefs. Remember our study of the origin of 5 of the 8 characteristics of Satan’s church in Romans 1:18-32?

1. V.21= Pantheism 2. v.23= Polytheism

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3. v.23= Idolatry 4. .v.25= Humanism 5. v.25= Evolution

Remember the key word for Satan’s system is counterfeit. Satan: Instead of Christ

In this vivid chapter we meet four characters:

A Woman: 1. on waters [1] 2. with blasphemous names [3] 3. ornate in dress [4] 4. opposed to God [6] 5. served by rulers [7] 6. with universal influence [9] 7. who was ruling peoples [15] 8. who gets destroyed [16] 9. and is a great city [18]

A Beast: 1. scarlet with 7 heads and 10 horns [3] 2. who carries the woman [7] 3. who is Satanic [8] 4. final [11] 5. limited [12] 6. united [13] 7. destructive [16]

Seven Heads: 1. mountains [9] 2. kings [10]

Ten Horns: 1. [kings not ruling yet [12]

Remember the key word for Satan’s system is counterfeit. Satan: Instead of Christ

Christ Antichrist 1. His Origin Jn 6:38 Down from Heaven Up from the Abyss Rev 11:7 2. His Coming Jn 5:43 in the Father’s name in his own name 3. His nature Holy one Mk 1:24; embodies truth Jn 14:6; Redeemer/ mystery Godliness I Tim 3:16; Son of God Lk 1:35 Lawless one 2 Th 2:8; embodies the lie 2 Th 2:9,11; Destroyer Dan 7:25; mystery of lawlessness 2 Th 2:7; son of perdition like the dragon Rev 12:3 4. His Activity 3 1/2 years in ministry Jn 13:1 3 1/2 years tribulation Rev 13:5 5. His Resurrection after 3 days by the Father after a deadly wound by the false prophet Rev 13:3 6. His Sphere Church [ cup of blessing 1 C 10:16]; His bride and Jerusalem Harlot [ cup of abominations Rev 17:4]; world, Babylon and the

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7. His Destiny eternal life Jn 3;36 eternal destruction 2 Th 2:12 8. His Final Abode exalted in Heaven Phil 2:9 cast in Lake of Fire Rev 19:20

The 17th chapter of Revelation can be divided into three sections. Each has a key verse that summazrizes the central idea.

1. Beware of Idolatry v.1-5 [key verse is v.5] 2. Prepare for Anarchy v. 6-13 [key verse is v.6] 3. Compare your Destiny v. 14-18 [key verse is v.14]

I. Beware of Idolatry v.1-5 [key verse is v.5]

The woman is a symbol of religion, idolatrous counterfeit worship.

v.5 “abominations” This is the Greek word bdelugma that Christ used in Mk 13 and Mt 24 for the image of the Beast set up in the Temple during the Tribulation. The worship of idols has always been warned against by God to His people. God even warns that the worship of the True God in a false way is totally unacceptable to Him. Note these verses: 1. EX 20:1-6 = the first two commands are against idolatry. 2. First John 5:21= the last words of John to believers are a warning against idols. 3. Col 3:5; Eph 5:5 = both verses tie idolatry to covetousness. Also, remember the first twocommandmeents in the Decalogue denounce idols and the last one is against covetousness. 4. Lk 16:13 = our Lord said we can’t serve God and Money.

The underlying danger of a covetous person is:


II. Prepare for Anarchy v. 6-13 [key verse is v.6] v.6 =why is there such unreasonable animosity against a loving creator, his holy standard and his gracious offer of salvation? It can only be the old dragon with his enmity against the seed of the woman, the True God and Creator, our Savior, Jesus Christ. V.7=are you so involved with your own pursuits and plans that you are out of touch with God’s great plan of the ages? III. Compare your Destiny v. 14-18 [key verse is v.14] Ray Steadman (287-97) says this chapter gives ten clues about the identity of the woman:

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1. Prostitute/Harlot=A Promise Without Faithfulness In Spiritual Worship. 2. Global Influence “Sits On Waters…” v. 15 Says Waters = People. 3. Seated On The Beast = For A Time She Directs The Beast 4. “Purple, Scarlet…” = external precious treasures of spiritual trappings making her beautiful. 5. “Gold Cup” = a picture of a false and vile counterfeit of true communion with God. 6. “Mystery” = something deeper, a spiritual fountain of false teaching going back to Nimrod In The Ot… 7. “Mother…” = Gives Birth To Further False Systems. 8. “Drunk With Blood…” = Intolerant Of The Truth. 9. “Seven Hills” = 10.”Great City” = Rome.

When the true church exits the false church will remain as in all there are wheat and chaff…

What is our hope as those who believe in Christ? Revelation 17:8 sums it up. We are those who are in the Book of Life. There are 8 glorious elements describing those in that book. They are:

1. Before known ones because it was written before the foundation of the world [Revelation 13:8; 17;8]. 2. Blood bought ones because its the Lamb that was slain’s book [Revelation 21:27]. 3. New born ones because its the book of Life [ Revelation 20:15]. 4. Happy ones because our names are written in Heaven [Luke 10:20]. 5. Holy ones because all written there are called holy [ Isaiah 4:3]. 6. Joyful witnesses because they defy even the Antichrist [ Revelation 13:8; 17:8; Phil 4:3]. 7. Victorious ones because they are Overcomers [ Revelation 3:5; Daniel 12:1]. 8. Glorified ones for they enter the Heavenly City [ Revelation 21:27].1

1 Erich Sauer, The Triumph of the Crucified, Grand Rapids:Eerdmans, 1966, p. 68.