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The Passion Road


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WOTB-16 The Passion Road

The Passion Road

Tonight we follow the Road to Calvary. The journey that Jesus took from Pilate’s Palace, to the Pavement or Gabbatha in the Fortress of Antonio to Golgotha – was for the sin of the world. Jesus offered Himself there on that Cross as the Lamb of God.


This Road is covered by the Holy Spirit as He inspires the writers to fill 20 of the 89 chapters of the New Testament with the events from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday. The record starts in Matthew 21.22 and goes to chapter 28; it starts in Mark 11.1 and continues through chapter 16; it begins in Luke 19.28 through chapter 24; and in John 12.12 to chapter 20. Fully 1/5th of the Gospels and almost 1/10th of the New Testament is focused on this week in Christ’s life.




Matthew Mark Luke John
224.       Jesus is betrayed, arrested, and forsaken at Gethsemane 26:47-56 14:43-52 22:47-53 18:2-12
225.       1st Jewish Phase: Annas questions Jesus at Gallicantu 18:13-24
226.       2nd Jewish Phase: Caiaphas questions Jesus 26:57-68 14:53-65 22.54
227.       Peter denies knowing Jesus 26:69-75 14:66-72 22:55-65 18:25-27
228.       3rd Jewish Phase: The council of religious leaders condemns Jesus 27:12 15:1a 22:66-71
229.       Judas suffers remorse and kills himself (Acts 1.18-19) 27:3-10
230.       1st Roman Phase: Jesus stands trial before Pilate at Palace 27.2, 11-14 15:1b-5 23.1-5 18:28-38
231.       2nd Roman Phase: Jesus stands trial before Herod Antipas 23:6-12
232.       3rd Roman Phase: Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified 27:15-26 15:6-15 23:13-25 18:39-19:16
233.       Roman soldiers mock Jesus at Gabbatha 27:27-30 15:16-19
234.       Journey to Golgotha 27:31-34 15:20-24 23:26-33a 19:17
235.       1st Three Hours of Crucifixion (the 5th Event of Christ’s Life) 27.35-44 15.24-32 23.33b-42 19.18-27
236.       2nd Three Hours of Crucifixion 27.45-50 15.33-37 23.44-45a 19.28-30
237.       Jesus dies on the cross 27.51-58 15.38-45 23.45b-52 19.31-38
238.       Jesus is laid in the Garden Tomb 27.59-60 15.46 23.53-54 19.39-42
239.       Guards are posted at the tomb and the women watch 27.61-66 15.47 23.55-56




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