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The Six Biographies That Shaped The Direction Of My Life

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This month as we are preparing and teaching Biblical Hermeneutics, I shared with some of the students about my six favorite missionary biographies. Here’s that clip for all of you that have also asked about these influential figures in my life. There are six biographies that I read during my college years that completely shaped my Bible study, views of missions and ministry, and my own personal goals in life. Here they are described in this video and then linked for you to see on Amazon.
My favorite Bible Study Resources are:
1. William Carey:
2. George Muller:
4. Jim Elliot—Shadow of the Almighty:
6. Hudson Taylor:
7. The Romans Road Tract:
8. Billy Graham’s “I Am the Way” Tract:
9. Alcorn’s “How Can We Know” Tract:
10. The Bridge Gospel Tract:
11. The MacArthur Study Bible I use:
12. The Best Cross-Reference Guide to the Bible:
13. Grudem Systematic Theology:
14. The DTS, Bible Knowledge Commentary set I use:
15. The Phillips, Exploring the Future book I use:
16. The Payne, Encyclopedia of Prophecy I use:
17. The ESV Audio Bible:
18. The NKJV Audio/Dramatized Bible:
19. The KJV Audio Bible:
20. The NIV Dramatized Bible:
21. This is the personal-sized Bible I take with me everywhere as I travel, and that you see in the videos:
22. The Larger Moleskin Notebook I use:
23. The Smaller Moleskin Notebook I use:
24. These are the Bible Tabs I showed you on the videos:
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