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Thy Kingdom Come #4

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Before we look at The Lord’s Prayer this week…

We have relieved a transmission on earth from deepest space: • Beyond our solar system, • Past the feathery edges of the Milky Way • Far away across nebulae, pulsating suns in the throes of nuclear collapse • Long past it all…a woeful moan is painfully emitting from the darkest reaches of our universe

All Creation Groans for the Coming Kingdom

Rom. 8:19-22 • The angelic sons of morning sang as God spun the worlds from nothing. Heb. 11:3 • Then they looked on in horror at the rebellion… • So, this morning as we pray that second petition, Our Father which…

1. Hallowed be Thy name 2. Say it with me, “Thy kingdom come”


• All Creation Groans for His Coming

• To rule and reign
• To right all wrongs • To end decay and disorder • To stop rebellion, punish sin and complete the plan…

But, secondly, when you pray that second petition say it with me again: “Thy kingdom come”. It’s not only to the backdrop of cosmic moans or birth pangs, groans of how long O Lord! But, it’s also saying:

The Creator Calls

Rom. 1:18-21 Ps. 19 – Hashamyin Mesaparim Kevod El – heavens screaming, bubbling the glory of God Eden – “Where art Thou?” Jesus Christ – seek and save lost Church – come to Jesus just as you are. He will save you, He will save you now… And so, when you say that second petition: “Thy kingdom come…” You say it almost the ominous rumble of a universe in dissonance, entropy and decay:

All Creation Groans

Say it: All creation groans And, you each have heard and perhaps even today are hearing:

The Creator Calling

Finally this morning, the church fathers used to say the Lord’s Prayer are gospel in brief. Say those first two petitions with me and face a final truth. The reality that:

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Each Creature Chooses

The kingdom of God demands two responses: conversion and commitment.

This morning the Creator invites all who are converted and committed to come to His table:

Each Creature Chooses

Have you chosen Jesus? “But we see Jesus…crowned…” A generation past amidst the Nazi bombs, a London pastor D. Martin Lloyd Jones called out to his congregation: “Man is at his greatest and highest, when, upon his knees–comes face to face with God” I am going to ask you to join me on your knees– – All creation is groaning – The Creator is calling – Each of us His creatures must choose: – Are you saved? Have you asked Jesus to save you? – Are you committed, sold out, 100% His?

If not, why not today, pray with me.

Phillips: Rom 19 “The whole creation is on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons of God coming into their own

The angels sang as God spun the worlds from nothing Heb 11.3

then they looked in horror at the rebellion!