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Flee the Lust of the Eyes – Remember Lot

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051113AM COR-26 Flee Lust of Eyes–Remember Lot.doc Christ our Refuge: For the Tempted—Flee Lust This message is available for free as part of the COR-Christ our Refuge Series as an MP3, text file or an entire series download at: Our final stop in our journey through the Scriptures finding Christ as our Refuge may […]

Learning to Flee the Lusts of the Eyes

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051113PM COR-27 LEARNING TO FLEE THE LUST OF THE EYES .DOC Christ the Refuge for the Tempted Learning to Flee the Lust of the Eyes This morning I began to exhort you from God’s Word to flee the lust of the eyes. We saw that the lust of the eyes is the struggle Lot seemed […]

Flee the Lust of the Flesh – Remember Samson

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051120PM COR-29 FLEE LUST OF FLESH–REMEMBER SAMSON .DOC CHRIST OUR REFUGE: FLEE THE LUSTS OF THE FLESH –REMEMBER SAMSON Our God is jealous and He is Holy. The sins He hated in the Old Testament, He hates in the New Testament. What would offend someone who loved us so much that He wants us to […]

David’s Lust Led Him to Break ALL of the Ten Commandments

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As we open to 2 Samuel 12, try to think of the searing pain that would come when secret, private sins get exposed for all the world to see. Just imagine what David felt as the truth of what he had done could no longer be hidden. That is the event and those are the emotions that David is feeling in the verses of this chapter.

One of the great deterrents to sin is looking at the consequences. God’s Word records David’s crash through each barrier God put in his way, and the resulting wreck David made of his life and family. For a moment join me in that climactic moment as David faces his sin is a most uncomfortable moment. Please read the first 15 verses of 2 Samuel 12:

The Lust of Sin & David’s Worst Moment

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As we open to 2 Samuel 11, David has finally made it to the top. Giants are killed, enemies are dead, life on the run is over, and normal life has finally started for David. As we will see, it is precisely when things are going “great” that we face some of the most lethal spiritual pathogens.

We are lulled into thinking we don’t quite need the Lord as much as: when we were sick; or when we were single; or when we were unemployed; or when we were under attack. Most people think wouldn’t it be nice to succeed, to make it, to win the lottery of life and have everything you’ve ever wanted. Actually, if you do a scientific study of those who have “made” it, most wish they hadn’t. Many find that great success often ruins their lives.