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Worship that God Hates Pt 2

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MARK 11:15-18

A subtle invasion has taken place across our land in 1992, much like a bizzare event in a huge Tokyo store thieves broke in and took nothing. They just switched price tags. It was a few hours before it was noticed that people were getting steals and getting stolen.

Today the subtle spiritual deadness of complacency and selfsufficiency has set in. I’m not bad, I’m not overboard, just okay!

I. Open to Isaiah 29:13. Heartless worship has always been a problem. Symptoms are: v. 13a A. Words not deeds 1. sing it not live it 2. discuss it not do it 3. act church, live devil 4. Sunday only B. Lip service 1. pleasing parents 2. pleasing others 3. ignoring God C. Traditions not reality 1. not know what believe 2. not know why believe 3. not know how behave D. No wonder in worship v. 14 E. No awareness God sees v. 15 F. No absolute submission to God v. 16 II. Turn to 33:14-15 Seek me and flee sin. Wow- A. Isaiah 29 – God says avoid heartless empty worship. put your body where your heart is. kneel and pray sit and read come and worship
B. Isaiah 33 – God says seek me and flee sin C. Jer. 2:13 – God says I hate spiritual independence. follow God’s plan and that is: 1. The church 2. Corporate worship 3. Spiritual ministry 4. Mutual edification D. Jer. 2:22 – God hates self-righteousness. What is so sad is that the people who need God the most say, nope, not me! E. Can you see the changed price tags? 1. God says sacrifice and give all to me, the world says get all you can to enjoy for self = affluence. 2. God says worship – set aside time for me and learn the hard lesson of quiet reverent worship. World says get into everything, spread yourself thin, go all the time = busyness. 3. God says exercise to Godliness. World says = athletics 4. God says rest in me. World says enjoy self.

Back to Mark 1 1: 15-18.

V. 15 – condition of worship had become heartless worship: – chaos – convenience – greed

v. 16 – complacency in worship had produced meaningless worship. – forgot holiness – convenience imperative

v. 17 – cessation of worship because of purposeless worship. Why Israel? Show nations… Why church? That’s us. Make disciples > evangelize, edify Worship > offer self, offer praise

v. 18 – corruption worship degenerated into hopeless worship.
– lost sight of goal – Jesus Christ

I Jn. 5:21 “idols” > worship what supposed to use. Use what you’re supposed to worship in God’s church.

Rev. 2:4 – lost first love – remember -repent – repeat

Rev. 3:15 – complacency “neither hot/cold” – self-sufficiency “need nothing” – indifference “know not”

Way out?

Sacrifice: Time – in word in prayer in fellowship

Can you give God half a day and three on Sunday? How important is He?

Dedication – purity and spiritual sight

451 All to Jesus I Surrender 434 Something For Thee

Who is this church is wanting to be 100% for God? Maybe not there yet, maybe not always there. But that is your heart…. If so, stand up, if serious about dedicating anew to Jesus Christ first, come kneel, seal with prayer.

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